Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I found John Galliano's Doppelgänger! Twin Peaks' BOB!

John Galliano (left) vs. Bob (right)

While admiring Kate Moss's wedding dress designed by John Galliano (a creative genius who I still love - regardless), I couldn't help but read about his trial.

As soon as I saw the courtroom sketches of John, all I could think about was his twin - separated at birth...

BOB from Twin Peaks! Don't you see the crazy resemblance? I actually was soooo scared looking up a picture of Bob, that I kept looking behind me as if he would hop over my couch in that famous freaky ass scene where Maddie has a vision that Bob is attacking her.

It's much scarier in concept once you get into the series to properly understand how in-depth and cool this is. One of the creepiest scene's of life.



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