Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grand Island: Östra Knoll 1:22 - Loving this album all over again!

I've talked about Grand Island before. I love this Norwegian band, and I am really digging the album "Östra Knoll 1:22" again these last few days.

Espen Gustavsen's voice is amazing, and the songwriting is dynamite. I still regret not seeing them live when I had the chance!

Their older work is very much like "Kaizers Orchestra" in my opinion  - but still different. Both very awesome bands. 

Perhaps one day I'll have the opportunity to see them live :)

I highly suggest this album! I really loved their track "Love in Decay" that I mentioned in the past, but there are sooooo many amazing songs lyrically and melodically from these guys!

I am going to post a couple of my favourites...


"Drift into Violence"



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