Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tori Amos: "Night Of Hunters" Review!

Tori is so beautifully, classically trained. I feel like I am on a romantic adventure with her throughout this dark and whimsical album.

I would have to say these tracks are up there with one of my favourite Amos albums "Choirgirl Hotel"

But, I love them all so dearly and in different ways - really. The production on her latest project is amazing, and her voice haunts throughout the complexity of the characters. Enchanting.

So happy about "Night of Hunters"! (My last Tori Amos post about the countdown to this!)

Fall is always the time of year I listen to a lot of Romantic and Baroque classical pieces. But, it also sounds very Native American, like within the song "Carry" (last song posted, below)

I also think it's also wonderful she included her daughter, Natashya in a couple tracks. She emulates her mothers voice to a tee. It's almost scary, but in a really good way :)

Tori Amos' latest release is cozy and so warm sounding, It has a familiarity as that of "Midwinter Graces" which I also adore! (click link for my review)

My past life just dances with this new album! I can relate to this music so much in my soul.

I'm still waiting for the physical album to come in the mail. Yes - I think that is also a part of the whole listening experience.Going through the notes while sitting in front of the CD/Record player. It's quite an organic experience for me - still :)

Have you bought/heard the new Tori Amos "Night of Hunters" album? You really should. It's fantastic!

I've included a couple of my favourite songs. "Your Ghost" actually gives me goosebumps when I listen to it. It's true Tori!


I also love "Snowblind" With her lovely daughter and truly a mini-Tori, Natashya :)

The single "Carry" is also wonderful, so I will add it as well :)


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