Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mord Fustang!

After my brother Endoplasmic tweeted this wicked commercial today for Weetabix cereal - I instantly fell in love with the music!

Who the hell is this, and why haven't I heard of his impressiveness? - I asked myself. (Or something like it ;) 

It sounded like something Ed Banger would have on his label because it sounded quite French-like. But - super talented Mord Fustang hails from lovely Estonia and is making amazing, sweet beats!

I went on iTunes and purchased "A New World" immediately, and couldn't help but dance around the house - especially to this brilliant track "The Electric Dream." It's like watching "Weekend at Bernie's" as my soul comes alive and takes over! ;)

This 6 song EP is pretty fantastic, and highly suggest a check out! 

Enjoy "The Electric Dream"  below!



Anonymous said...

I Love Mord Fustang!

Unknown said...

Heck yes! Amazing!!! :D


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