Friday, April 18, 2014

NRK's Piip-show!

Photo by Magne Klann and Lars Aurtande
If you find yourself wondering what you should do today (and every day after that) - look no further than your computer monitor to watch a live-feed of birds hanging out at a coffee shop or nuzzled warm in a cosy decorated apartment. Norway's airing a 3 month run of this "slow-TV reality show" from their broadcasting network

This wonderful collaboration was created by photographer, Magne Klann and model maker, Lars Aurtande. (pictured right with their bird buddies)

This is the tweetest thing I've ever watched! You can tweet captured photos to them at @NRKpiip with #nrkpiip

Birds family that nicely settled into their apartment :)
Photo by Magne Klann and Lars Aurtande

When I am not watching - I have it on in the background to listen to the birds nearby. I could also open my door for this - but it's much too cold today ;)

It's very relaxing and brings me back to the country. :)

If you want to catch the live bird feeds click HERE!

If you're lucky, you can catch some rowdy squirrel visitors!


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