Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Vaya Project - Beautiful Agony (feat. ellemusic) (OFFICIAL VIDEO) and remixes!

Hey everyone!

A little while back I was asked by Jeremy Chaulk to write on one of his poppy-er tracks and our The Vaya Project" and we didn't think it would come out the way it did, and now we have a video - directed by Dave Cardorso!
collaboration "Beautiful Agony" was born. This was part of one of his projects "

It's so crazy how things work out sometimes!

All I want to say is thank you two for believing in this enough to work with me and this track.

Also - check out a couple very lovely remixes by Riley Eichler  and Jeremy, featured on indieunderground.ca!

Hope you all enjoy! :)


Unknown said...

i love your voice michelle!!

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