Monday, April 12, 2010

Berklee Music College!

If you ever heard of Berklee College, you might recall the school based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Well, I obviously can't attend the actual school, but they offer an amazing award-winning online college program with online teachers, lectures and weekly chats.

The Online school is a proper accredited school, so if I ever wanted to take my certificates to a college or a university in the future, it counts :)

Right now, I am studying Pro Tools, which is a little overwhelming at the moment, but I am only in my second week so I am sure I will get into it. It's a lot of techinal talk to process, but I am sure it will start to flow later on.

My teacher, Andy, is pretty awesome and very understanding. My classmates are great and all very helpful, so it's a nice community, especially for future connections. This Pro Tools 101 course will last for 12 weeks, then I will take a 6 month break to have the little baby girl and then I will jumo back in for a 3 year run and receive my Masters in Writing and Producing.

Hopefully, by that time, I will be on a songwriting roll with better production skills under my belt to pitch to other artists. It's a process, as I have to find a new publishing deal, but I am sure I will be ok :)

I guess those are my serious career plans of the future, but one step at a time. :)


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