Wednesday, April 28, 2010

L.A Trip Booked and A Couple Wicked Hotels!

Yes! I must get away one last time before little girl comes into the picture! :)

My hubby likes to visit L.A. a lot, or did before he had to steer his trips over to Canadaland after meeting me. So, a proper local, he is taking me around to his favourite spots to eat, a couple hotels and to introduce me to a couple of great friends in the area for the May long weekend!

We are staying a couple of nights at The Farmer's Daughter, which I was crazy excited about - just for its decor and American Southern comfort vibes. Apparently they have a great breakfast and it's right across the street from The Farmer's Market and The Grove. It's good to book your rooms early, as you get great prices if the booking is made and paid at least 3 weeks ahead of time.

The other 2 nights we are staying at Andaz, which is also in the West Hollywood area, with great reviews and has more of a modern, contemporary vibe. But still quite nice. Again, great deals when booking online ahead of time. The hotel was voted among the Top 10 Trendiest Hotels in the United States 2010 at

It would have been awesome to go to the vineyards and wineries this trip, but I have to be responsible and not have any sort of alcohol. I guess I could do a little swoosh around the palate and then spit it out *single tear* :)

I am really excited to visit out West, as I have only been to the East and South of this continent, so Westsiiiiiide, here I come!


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