Friday, May 13, 2011

8 Month Update!

(I was supposed to write this blog on my Hunnie Bunnie Babies blog, but Friday 13th made me write it on the wrong blog ... blasted crazy days)

I am a little late on my post, but I will update you all the best I can recall ;)

Edie is growing so fast and laughing up a storm these days :)

She is bigger than most kids her age as she meets older babies and she looks so much bigger!

We had a wonderful visit from my hubby's family who visited from Norway - and we had such a lovely Easter with them!

Little Edie dressed like a little duck (I know you were expecting a little bunny!) and for her first Easter the Easter Bunny brought her an American Girl Bitty Baby doll :)

I've had a huge love for these dolls as I have read this one magazine over and over again from 1986 (I believe their first catalog that was released) and I always wanted Kristen, which was a girl from Sweden.

I must have channeled my inner Scandinavianism from a very young age :)

The magazine is very fragile now - I still hope to keep it for years to come. I thought it would be nice to buy a little doll for Edie on the 25th anniversary year, as it will also my age at the end of July. So I guess it means more to me. Hopefully one day I can own a Kristen doll :)

The little one now has 7 teeth! It's crazy! She also loves all of her food and doesn't fuss about any of that. A truly old soul :)

I even catch her laughing at the right parts when she watches tv alone.

Edie- Reading her own ceremony ;)
While our Norwegian family was visiting, we had the opportunity to have our Edie Marie sort of baptized without a denomination.

The ceremony was called "Celebrating New Life" and was performed in our home by Patti - a licensed minister, who actually married us in 2009 - so it meant even more to us.

We had a little celebration over the Easter weekend followed by a brunch. It was a very intimate gathering, but meant the world to everyone there :)

Edie is so loved, so very loved!


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