Monday, May 23, 2011

Lady Gaga - Born This Way Album Review!

I guess you could say I waited until midnight last night for iTunes to update so I could get my Gaga on. I was pretty excited to get the bonus track version of Lady Gaga's latest  "Born This Way" and after listening to the album a couple of times I can say I have a few favourite tracks. A lot of people are saying she can't beat Fame, but at the same time I feel that was a collection of her greatest work to show the world - and now the Lady is going to give us different vibes and growth with each album.

This album is dark, and 80s fantastic. When I listen to the tracks I sum it up to a Mexican Day of the Dead vibe with that beautiful Catholic art.

Sort of like Romeo + Juliet (Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes styles)

You already know I love the track "JUDAS" and I am also feeling the remix version of the track as well as the remix of Scheiße, both by DJ White Shadow.

I am digging the production of this album - That is really the first thing I notice with Gaga. Always impressed.

The track "Bloody Mary" gets me in the heart and I love that breakdown with the dark voices "Gaga" throughout the track and the chorus is just beautiful - the whole song is just wow to me! Definitely check it out! Americano is very much a neon Mexicano wicked vibe. Love!

When Lady Gaga wrote the track Scheiße I am pretty sure she was watching "Run Lola Run" (or, as it's called in Germany; "Lola Rennt"). As soon as I heard the beginning of this track I thought it sounded EXACTLY like "Believe or Wish (Komm Zu Mir) sung by Franka Potente (Lola in the movie). I am also  sure there is an actual German version of this track but I can't find it at the moment.

How I know this was because my brother bought me the soundtrack for Christmas when it came out, as I loved the movie so much! I wanted to be German and Lola herself.

Such a fantastic movie and soundtrack! I wore it out for sure!

Don't you agree her German track sounds eerily sisterly? Click the links above to hear the difference or shall I say; SUPER similarities :) I LOVE the chorus on this track so much! I felt it was one of her strongest on this album hands down.

I found Fashion of His Love reminds me of Born This Way. I find Fashion for His Love is the Father of Born this way :)

Bad Kid is also a soft spot in my heart. I love the melody in the chorus and how it's written. I feel like spritzing some Exclamation perfume. I think of that big 80's black and white bottle when I hear a lot of these tracks :)  It's a good thing!

There is this breakdown in Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) at about 3:35 when the organ comes in - it's something I would totally write! I need to get Ellemusic out there!

My heart also dug the song Heavy Metal Lover. Always love Lady Gaga's lyrics and the chorus "Ooo's" are just brilliant. Love the production! This is a lovely song to dance to.

Electric Chapel reminds me if Depeche Mode and Billy Idol got together to write a track. I think this is what they would come up with. Love the dark bells in the chorus, for sure!

All in all I wouldn't compare the greatness of Fame and Fame Monster to Born This Way because I think they are both lovely and brilliant in their own right.

Definitely suggest buying this album!

Thank you Lady!


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