Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Penny Blacks: Gold Standards EP!

Photo by Kâté Braydon.
If you're into the Avett Brothers, I would definitely check out Penny Blacks hailing from New Brunswick, Canada!

This fellow Canadian indie group is made up of one amazing songwriter named Jason Ogden and such a fantastic band! They just released a 5-song EP called Gold Standards and I am actually really digging it!

I was listening to "Chop Yourself into Little Pieces" in my car the other day, when it was so warm and sunny - and I was driving with the windows down and making wind waves with my hand, all while driving the country roads to my parents house.

You can grab Penny Blacks EP on iTunes, Rhapsody - or probably the best place is on their website, where you can stream, and buy, the album! :)

I would personally LOVE to see them live! 

I will post the video for "Chop Yourself into Little Pieces". Loving these lyrics!



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