Monday, May 23, 2011

Mackie's and May 24 Weekend!

Thanks Scott and Andrea for the Chloé Sunglasses CL 2188  in Petroleum blue.
Such a lovely early birthday gift!

To be honest -I was quite surprised how well the weather turned out for this May long weekend. Usually it is either cold or super rainy - and just not great weather to do anything fun and outdoorsy.

Visiting Port Stanley was very last minute yesterday, and it was just nice to walk to the beach for 30 minutes and go to Mackie's, my great love (I've wrote about the place before) - since they are celebrating their 100th year in business this year!

Of course - I grabbed an Orangeade and small fry to hold me over until I got to my Ben Thanh's (favourite Vietnamese/Thai cuisine).

The sun was VERY much needed for my soul this weekend. I felt so much better after going for a drive listening to Leonard Cohen and seeing the waves bringing in the Summer. It was a little chilly, but it was nice!

Happy Victoria Day!


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