Sunday, June 12, 2011

9 Month Update!

Check out what is going down at Hunnie Bunnie Babies! :)


Rockinon said...

My faves: Top left and top right. For me, the first shot captures the pure joy that bubbles from a happy baby; The second shot captures the look of a relaxed little girl, relaxed because she has complete confidence in her world. Both pictures say, "Fine parenting."

Unknown said...

Aw! That is such a compliment to hear that from you!

She is such a doll and pure joy! I bet you are just loving your grand-daughter too! You take such lovely pictures of her :)

Elle :)

Siri said...

We love her! She looks so beautiful in yellow :=)

Unknown said...

We love and miss you all! Edie looks så fint in yellow! :D

Klem :)

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