Friday, June 24, 2011

Pizza Delight Goes Gluten-Free!

As a native to Strathroy, Ontario - I enjoyed Pizza Delight very much over the span of my childhood life. Unfortunately I could no longer indulge in such a good pizza, because of my gluten allergy.

My parents were really in the mood for some pizza while I was visiting - so I decided to check out Pizza Delight's online allergen menu just to see if my pizza prayers could be answered - well they were when I discovered the Gluten Free.pdf! "Shut the front door!" I yelped in over-excitement. I called to make sure they had it at their location - and they did!

The verdict of the g-free dream? Best pizza ever! Hands down! It's also not expensive and a bigger than usual size medium! I have to be careful with the cheese though - so next time I will order with much less to none. But it sure was tasty!

If you are wanting a good gluten-free pizza, definitely check out Pizza Delight! Woot!
Totally took a bite before taking this photo :)


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