Tuesday, June 28, 2011

iLove iPad 2!

Photo from Gelaskin app.
The iPad was something I really wanted, but was afraid that it would be too similar to my iPhone, and I was sad that perhaps I wouldn't use it as much as I thought I would. Boy, I was wrong!

I downloaded Elle Magazine as a yearly subscription - as it is full on interactive! You can watch movie trailers they mention, and create an inspiration board of all your favourite clothing items and accessories within that month.

I will admit that scrolling through was not as intuitive as I thought and it took me a few tries to read through the magazine. But, there are so many little hidden things to do I am actually not fully through it yet :)

After my sister-in-law showed me the lovely interactive baby books for download, I jumped on those instantly and they have been a hit when having to keep Edie occupied.

I still love to read real books to her. I never want to take that good book feeling away :) I will say I love how you can tap on the words and it is said back to you while high-lighted. Very good teaching tool from the future, I say!

Making music can sometimes be a little difficult when I am out and inspiration strikes at odd hours of the night or just weird times in general.

I normally produce my music on FL Studio and they just came out with an amazing iPad app called "FL Studio Mobile" to make beats on the go and import them on to my full version to finish. That right there was worth the iPad alone :)

Although I love writing on paper with a pen, sometimes it's just easier to throw my quick ideas with my finger with the new Bamboo app by Wacom that is actually free for the rest of June - so get on it!

Now I actually have to buy the Bamboo pen for the iPad, but unfortunately it's back-ordered everywhere. Grr fest. It's the future though!

I've also recently became obsessed with Big Fish Games which are now having a Summer Solstice sale making the games 80% off! I am really digging "Awakening: The Dreamless Castle" and "Awakening: Moonfell Wood" which are both pretty girly but oh-so magical and enchanting!

It's my escapism to a time I was supposed to live, or perhaps I did live in that time. Yeah, one of my lives I did :)

But, very cool games and one that will interest anyone. I am thinking of getting "Puppet Show: Mystery of Joyville" Looks pretty scary though! - in a good way :) I'm very impressed.

In the summer I love reading about ghosts, but it always gets me in the end. I was reading about this Ghost radar app and just reading the reviews scared me enough to not get it and I was following my man like a lost puppy after that. He insisted that I never look up ghostly things like that again. I am just asking for trouble. He is unfortunately right.

I'm very happy with my anniversary gift and I hope I get to use it for a long time :)

There is a case coming in for it, but I had to send it to my brother in San Francisco, but I will review it once it comes home to me :)


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