Monday, June 20, 2011

Missing Norway

It seems the one Norwegian TV-channel is producing a live feed this week from the fjord cruise line Hurtigruten, as one of their ships is making it's way north along the coast of Norway. Apparently the live feed had 3 million viewers on the weekend, and was even being shown live on trains as far away as South Korea.

It's funny to see how people are trying to get on TV - they even had to send out fire fighting boats to spray the small boats and get them out of the way, as hundreds of them were getting in the path of the larger ship.

You can watch the live feed here :, along with a map of route and location, the radar images from the ship - and even live 3D, if you install the Google plug-in (click the "3D" tab, then click the picture to load it in 3D).

Pretty crazy and oh so awesome! It makes me miss Norway that much more - especially in the summertime and all of its beautiful scenery and what seems to be - eternal light.  Begging the hubby to bring us back to our second home hopefully in August :)


Unknown said...

Not going to lie- as I watch this it brings a couple tears to my eyes! Such a beautiful place and I need to go back very soon :)


Siri said...

I LIKE this reading!! <3

Unknown said...

I miss you, Siri!

Lots of love,

Elle :)

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