Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Love is Strong for Norway.

I still can't wrap my head around this tragedy. The photographs haunting my thoughts every second of the day. How can someone be so cruel and hainus to kill such innocent people and youth. My heart is so heavy while I pray for these Norwegian families as they have lost best friends, daughters and sons. It's been a solemn last couple of days in our household while my Norwegian in-laws have been here visiting.

Norway is such a beautiful country, and like me and many Norwegians could not ever fathom something as awful as this. I have had nightmares the times I am not lying awake and hoping it all was a bad dream.

Oslo, and the rest of Norway is such a wonderful place, and this injustice will not kill the Norwegians belief for a better world. They strongly belive in peace, as it is the home of the Nobel Peace Prize.

These unfortunate events will not destroy the people of Norway, if anything it will make them stronger.

I love you Norway. You are proudly my second home. :)


Siri said...

Thank you Michelle, this is so unbelievable, we are in deep sorrow and will be that for a long long time. How could this happen in our little, beautiful and safe Norway? This hurts so much :(

Siri said...

This photos makes me cry :(

Unknown said...

I think the photos of the children dead on the island and floating in the water was a little too much for anyone to swallow and I wish they never released those. It makes me feel so, so sad. I still can't believe it :(

Love you and Norway so much!


Siri said...

That photo you are talking about makes me sick, that was too much, the children were full off blood and praying him not to shoot them again, hurts me so much :(

Siri said...

Love you too <3

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