Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Reason Why I Miss Norway! The Nille Store!

Last week I tweeted about putting up some Christmas decorations around the house and that it was a jolly good time! A very close friend, Fonda Lashay, who I met it Norway, mentioned that she didn't see any decorations yet, but then a few days later told me they had amazing, purple, beautiful Christmas things in the Nille store!

Well, Nille followed our tweets, thus caught us in our excitement - and was cool enough to actually write an Advent blog, inspired by me - as they linked to my page!

Check out the wicked purple post! I miss Norway and all of their awesomeness! Thank you so much Nille! You truly made my (and my friend's) Holiday season!

If you understand Norwegian, or get the just of the story (like me ;) you can visit their homepage and follow their blog here (just click "BLOGG" in the menu).


nille said...

You are more than welcome, Elle! We love to communicate with people who like the same stuff as we do, so please continue wanting stuff from us.

A direct link for your friends to our blog, is:
- and a hot tip if you don't understand norwegian, is to use Google Translate on the page. I won't be totally correct, but you will get the point :) And, if we get more foreign readers, we might have to have a transcript at the bottom of every post, in english.

Also Elle; feel free to follow us on Facebook aswell:

We wish you a great Monday!!

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