Saturday, November 27, 2010

Robyn - Body Talk!

Well, I have purchased Robyn's Body talk in 3 parts; Pt.1, Pt.2 and Pt.3, in anticipation of each release, as I am always obsessing over her masterpieces. If you haven't followed her Body Talk trilogy, you can now purchase her full album "Body Talk" on iTunes - it was released on November 22nd.

When I hear her production and ridiculously catchy hooks it makes me work harder on music and just be happy I am in it. I listen to Robyn with my heart, as I feel the fat beats pumpin' through my veins!

She is so passionate with her music and when I hear that insane melodic hook it makes me go "Holy F&^#! That is brilliant! I wish I wrote that!". The weird thing is I hear some similarities with my own music - so maybe I need to bust that S#!% out now! :D

Is anyone interested in new Ellemusic? I hope so :)

I can't even pick my favourite tracks - there are too many! You HAVE to pick up this album - or all 3 (body)parts of it! (Ha!) But, seriously. Buy it. Best purchase(s) ever!


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