Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Music is Playing Early This Year!

Right now, I am listening to some Bing Crosby along with other great artists doing Christmas songs, after failing to find some seasonal music on iTunes Radio (still love the Baroque Classical stations!).

I discovered "Shoutcast" free internet radio where you can just type in whatever you like and listen! It looks like it's run by the MP3 people themselves. Remember Nullsoft? "It really kicks the llamas a$$"... No?

So, now I am singing some sweet oldies to Edie while dinner is baking in the oven (I'll write about what I made tomorrow!).

If there are any early bird holiday listeners out there (mom?), or anyone just wanting to listen to their favourite genre or artist, I highly suggest checking out, where you can search - and broadcast yourself as well, if it strikes your fancy!


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