Monday, November 29, 2010

Glitch - This is Not Something You've Seen Before!

As some of you may know, my brother is living in San Francisco, working for an awesome, small company of 15 called Tiny Speck, as one of the Flash developers.

Stewart Butterfield (who I call "dreamy") is of the the founders of Flickr - the wonderful photo site, now taken over by Yahoo, which gave him leeway to create Tiny Speck.

Mr. Butterfield had the lovely idea to start on a new, wonderful gaming universe called Glitch! From what I have witnessed of the game previews so far - it's like Animal Crossing on crack ... except you live inside the minds of 11 peculiarly, imaginative giants!

Butterfield and co. created this world that you basically build, develop, learn some new mad skills, collaborate or compete with everyone else in "one enormous, ever-changing, persistent world!"
The cool thing about this game is that it is one big world, so whatever you do - it will obviously affect the other players within this worldsphere. I am so pumped about customizing my little avatar :) And to meet the little floating "Street Spirits" :) So cozy!

The characters and objects that I've witnessed so far look so amazing and imaginative (especially this sluggish hottie named Helga - left).

I honestly can't wait to get creative in this game - if I have the time of course. I am so scared of how insanely addicting this looks already!

Any free time in early 2011 (when it is to be released) will be a write-off for me ... in a good way ;)

If you want more information about the game (and sign up early to test it out) - it's an awesome tip to follow them on Twitter @playglitch to get special announcements and queues, since there is thousands of people waiting!

I've signed up and am especially excited to try this genius of a game!

If you want to read a little more about the Vancouver based company, Tiny Speck - check it out here!

Glitch, the mega multi-player game, will be available to the world early 2011 and it'll be free! But, if you want to up the ante to a premium subscription, they will make it uber easy for you to do so. You can read more about this future fantastic game at

Will you be testing/playing Glitch?

It's gonna be huge! (or should I say giant?) ;)


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