Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Tiffany & Co. Holiday Gift Book is Here!

I love the holidays - especially when you get those special magazines in the mail around this time of year! You recall how happy I was when I got the Victoria's Secret Magazine in Norway (read last year's post) - and this year I got the Tiffany & Co. Gift Book! I am just enjoying and dreaming over a cup of tea :)

I wish I could circle things like I used to when I got the Sears Wishbook, which was the children's bible of toys! ;)

This year I won't be getting anything Tiffany (perhaps this one thing for the tree), because when I had baby Edie (and since I had a "drug-free, all natural birth"), I got a very pretty open heart pendant and chain by Elsa Peretti in sterling silver.

I got to pick something - within budget, of course - and I wanted there to be a story behind it. I also wanted it to be something gorgeous and timeless, to pass on to little Edie when the time comes. One day I can tell her what it was for and what I did for her. I hope she will enjoy it :)

For now, I wear it as mine, as it was for me. I just like to think ahead a little ;) (I decided to put it on and take a picture of it)

If anyone is wondering, I am wearing the 18 inch, as the 16 inch falls too high on my neck ... I feel.

There is something I am getting of Tiffany's that I am excited about, considering the circumstances suck so bad!

Yes, I found out I am almost blind (not really) in my left eye and my right eye is also not doing so fantastic these days. I found this awesome Optometrist that trained in England and brought his amazing knowledge to London, Canada! He prescribed me some prism lenses, as the muscles around my eyes are straining, causing me to cross them when I am tired! Hence the prism shape to bounce light and to "fool" the eyes to work together.

So, in light of the whole situation, I have to Lisa Loeb my way through life and wear them almost all the time - unless it's a fancy night out with the ladies (and I would take fashion over short-term blindness any day). Who knows - as there might be some things I don't want to see on those nights anyways ;)

I will wear them mostly for in front of the computer, watching tv and driving use - which I guess is all the time. I'll post my new Tiffany glasses when I get them in next week!

Back to the Tiffany & Co. Holiday book! There is a really cute crystal Angel, puffed heart and french horn for the tree and they are only $35 dollars! I mean for Tiffany's. Hmmm... ;)

There is a lot of great ideas in there and you can always check out all the gorgeousness on their site too!


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