Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well, after cancelling once - and having awful hair dreams, I finally amassed the courage to cut some bangs! Unfortunately, I had to change how I parted my hair and cut the other way, since I have a huge cow lick on my usual right side part ... scary stuff!

It was a lot puffier earlier today, but I am pretty happy with the result - especially when I have a regular hairdresser (Kristal!) back in Canada - and it is hard to try a new one. But since I got pregnant, my hair's been growing really fast. It has been growing like weeds and I looked like I belonged at the original Woodstock. I was impressed :)

If you are in the Stavanger, Norway, area, you need to check out Barberell! I went to Silje here. Although, if you are in Canada, visit Soul, Mind and Body in Strathroy to see Kristal (just givin' shout outs)!

I was indeed nervous, but I am happy for the change :)


Mary Ann said...

looks GREAT! (isn't it crazy what a new hairstyle can do for you, on a mental level? It's like therapy!)

Unknown said...

It really is! Unless you really flub it up and then you cry for 8 hours... Once that happened when I went platinum blonde... but then I stayed that way for like 6 years so I guess you are right! Every time I had a breakup, I would change my hair too. It does feel good to change :)

You are always looking great, Mary Ann! :D


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