Thursday, February 11, 2010

HIM: ScreamWorks: Love In Theory and Practice

Last night I took some sweet time listening to the new HIM album, being a big fan of their previous work. I've been to numerous shows and have even met them briefly in Toronto. They give off very good vibes :)

I must say their latest album is a big production album and I had to listen to it through the headphones to get a full appreciation for the mix of it. Yes, this album is extremely poppy and it really sounds like HIM wants to break into the States in a big way this year.

When I hear the songs "In the Arms of Rain" and "In Venere Veritas" they, lyrically, remind me of something that would be on the future Eclipse movie soundtrack. Very Twilight of them (I would love it if they made it to the soundtracks)!

I am not too crazy about all of the tracks but they are growing on me. My favourite would have to be the very last song, called "The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness". It sounds like something I would produce if my setup was a little better; it has the same style and I wish I wrote it too! I will put it for listening pleasure below.

This album is very guitar driven, like most of their stuff - but it's very big! I feel Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practice is sort of geared towards a new, younger crowd - and I am in love with the old stuff.

The best show to me was probably when I saw them in Paris in an old-looking Opera theater. The vibe was there and they still had that darkness and underground goth vibe, as if I was at a Sisters of Mercy show. I still love them, and it would be great to see the new material live, as they are one of the tightest bands I've seen.

The other tracks I seem to like is the very catchy "Scared to Death" (can't stop singing this one!), "Disarm Me (With your Loneliness)", and "Shatter Me With Hope".

Do I hope they release something less poppy in the future? Yes, I hope they give us some b-sides that may have been too hard, or something a little under-produced - or maybe acoustic. Those are my favourites :)

You should go out to buy the album and check it out. I hope they come out with a cool big version of the front cover, because I am diggin' the nun and those beautiful religious photos. 

Here is my favourite track that gets to my heartstrings :)


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