Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Norwegian Curling Pants!

Apparently the news in Canada wanted you to wait until tomorrow to see those super cute Norwegian curling pants,but here is an early bird preview of them all festive in argyle!



SockBoy said...

Did you watch the match? The Norwegians made it interesting! The jury's still out on the pants, though. ;)

kate said...

!!! Canada vs Norway hockey game tonight.. are you watching it?

Unknown said...

Sockboy! I heard it ended 7-6? But it was a good game? I wish I got to see it!

Kate! I WISH I watched that game too! Like I said in my new post, I am in the wrong country to be watching the olympics with the 6 hour plus Vancouver's 3 hours behind so really 9 hours difference. It's killing meee! But 8-0 is pretty sweet for us!

Did you both watch it?


kate said...

Of course i watched it! it was awesome i have been glues to the tv lol ... school work is suffering! too bad your not here.. its crazy awesome :) when are you coming back?

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