Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Norwegian Jester Pants That Hypnotized the USA to Fail!

Well, the Norwegians are amazing curlers along with our Canadians, so no matter what they wore they would have beat out the States by a long (sweep sweep sweep) shot! I think I liked yesterday's practice pants much better. It set a definate Norwegian flag statement!

Now, about that Hockey game that I didn't even get to witness (tis a shame)! It came on at around 2 am Norwegian time and there was no way I could have stayed up for that, unfortunately. I am so in the wrong country for these Olympics right now!

But, of course Canada beat the Norwegians (being Hockeyville they better have), but when I heard we won 8-0 I had some questioning of their playing skills. Word on the street that they were 0-0 after first period, which makes it semi ok.

But, I am proud of Canada for their fierce as H.E (double hockeystick) mad skills. But, I will say - if it was 0-0 after the first period, Norway put up a good fight. I want a replay of this game, anyone know where I can watch it and where it will actually stream in Norway?

My dad tried to hook me up with some awesome HD streaming video from CTV last night and that didn't go over well on my end ... (photo credits to


kate said...

They did put up a good fight i must say! it was a pretty awesome game i was impressed after the first period and it was still 0-0 :)

Unknown said...

Yeah! Awesome :D Did you watch the USA/Canada Game? I wish I could have watched it!


kate said...

yea i did watch it... lol it was scary and a little disappointing :(

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