Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Alice Cooper!

Alice Cooper, also known as Vincent Damon Furnier, turns 62 today! I remember because it's 2 days after my moms birthday.

He has those awesome power songs that I can't get out of my head, like "Poison" and "Billion Dollar Babies", that just remind me of Guitar Hero so much! There is a huge list of awesome songs that Alice Cooper has serenaded us with over the years.

This guy has to be the most normal family dad and regular, avid golfer! Apparently he is pretty amazing at the sport! That is something I would love to witness :D

Last year we stayed at this beautiful hotel up in the Norwegian mountains called "Utsikten", where Alice Cooper had stayed a couple of months prior. He apparently loved the golfing opportunities there too, even if he was in the area primarily for a rock festival!

If you are ever wanting a little get away, my Norwegian friends - I suggest checking out this hotel! They offer relaxing spa days and it's such a beautiful view! Maybe next time when I stay there, I might luck out and see the rocker on the green!

My parents have actually seen Alice Cooper live, way before all of his lovely makeup and awesome costumes, playing in a super small town in Canada. Again, I would have loved to have been born to see that too!

Alice Cooper is a genius and I want to post "Poison" on here because I seriously want to cover this tune as well one day. It's that good!

I hope to watch him live one day! :D

The video is bad quality, but close your eyes and enjoy!


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