Sunday, November 28, 2010

Decorated Our Tree!

Last night we went to my parents to decorate their tree as it is a tradition since we were tiny! There was an awesome food spread where my mother gets all Martha Stewart on us with everything Christmas themed. It was lovely full of good laughs, lovely food and fantastic Wii game fun! We Skyped my brother in San Francisco where he is living with his fiance so they could be a part of the decorating process. :)

The Christmas spirit trickled into the next day as the hubby and I decided to go out and buy a real tree of our own from a local nursery. We listened to some Christmas music and enjoyed our new little family. :)

I just took a picture of our finished project! :)


mandiemoon said...

Aw, so pretty! It looks perfect infront of that window! Good job mini Martha Stewart! ;) How do the cats like it? Have they started climbing it yet, or batting at the decorations? As soon as ours was up, Neko jumped up, wrapped her arms around a branch and just swung back and forth. :) It's funny until the tree falls over... ;)I'm sure Edie must enjoy all the twinkling lights too!

Love ya!!

Unknown said...


That little Neko! I can totally see her doing that! Beatrix was just curious and Tobias was scared to walk up to it! They don't have the guts... yet ;)

I can't wait to see your beautiful tree!

Love you!


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