Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Norwegian Christmas Calender! - Day 1

How is this NOT apart of the North American culture? Except for the Jewish people who have gifts for 12 days. They get really huge gifts I hear.

Norway and now our little family has adopted the famous Norwegian Christmas Calender tradition! Last year we did it with little candies and funny things that I got to open before the hubby went to work each morning.

In Norway the tradition is that parents and significant others create an advent calendar (much like our chocolate punch out picture ones) that consist of everything from little toys or candies to toothbrushes and soaps. Whatever your hearts desire for your loved ones. Nothing too big nor expensive of course.

After Edie was born I was starting to get major headaches from too much sugar. Probably because I ate a lifetimes worth of tootsie rolls while I was pregnant ;) I was a little sad that I wouldn't get any sort of calendar this year - but this was not the case!

This morning I woke up to a few numbered little gifts under the tree as it is December 1st (already!). I came home this evening and there are a few more little ones piling up!

Now baby girl and I both get little non-candy fun things this year which I think is so exciting and such a nice tradition to carry on to little Edie Marie for years to come!

I think I will post what I get every morning just because it's fun and post worthy!

Here is me opening my first gift (and a little groggy, mind you). He said this was one of the best gifts and even though I just think it's the thought that counts, I must have been a realllly good girl this year! Oh yes, in the new glasses as well.

Day 1 - I got a really cute MINI shirt and 2 even cuter heart egg/pancake rings. So I can make my little lovlies perfect little breakfasts! (I am sure that was the point ;) I can also use these for big heart cookies!

Do you have any Country traditions in December? If not, perhaps you can make this one your own as well and hit up Dollarama and get sweet little cheap cute things! Just making each day leading up to Christmas a little more magical! :)


Mary Ann said...

My boyfriend and I do this too! this year is the third year and its getting really hard to come up with small, inexpensive yet useful and cool gift ideas. I'm always impressed though at my boyfriends creativity and gif giving skills.

Unknown said...

Mary Ann!

I remember you mentioning this last year! How is the calender working out for you? I can see how it would be getting harder for you! Maybe if there was a a couple of themes then it could make it easier? It's so nice to do though :)

I'm glad you do it! How is Switzerland? Do you ever miss Canada?


Mary Ann said...

Actually this year the one for him is pretty sweet, I just spent quite a bit more money on this one. I'm so pumped about some of the gifts in there that I can't wait for him to open them the same time I put so much work into the arrangement and the wrapping that I will be sad when they're all open and gone.

Switzerland is good. Sometimes I miss some things about Canada but I am glad that I live here.

Do you miss norway? I wish you would move back so I would have someone to visit there :-)

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