Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Christmas Carol in 3-D!

Fan-freaking-tastic! This movie was beautiful and scary at the same time. I wouldn't suggest any little ones to watch this feature, as it is quite dark for a 3-D animation film.

Mr. Merry Jim Carrey did an amazing job - doing pretty much every single role in "The Christmas Carol". It reminded me of how Tom Hanks also played many of the roles in "Polar Express" (also a great movie).

The facial expressions and signature Jim Carrey jolts were copied and accentuated for good laughs throughout the film.

It left me feeling re-inspired to be extra charitable this holiday season. I can only do so much, but the day I'm rolling in it and have loads of cashola, I too will be helping lots more.

Gary Oldman was also in this movie, with his character looking just like him, just a little more red-cheeked and jolly. He too did a wonderful performance.

There are so many good parts in this movie...

I will be purchasing this flick and will be watching for Christmases to come! If you get a chance to make it to the theater - watch it!

Here is the trailer for this timeless classic story from Charles Dickens below.


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Hi Elle,
Thank you so very much for the kind visit and lovely words you left on my blog, it meant a lot. I agree with you the Polar Express is a wonderful film and I can't wait to see A Christmas Carol. I'll be sure to stop by from time to time to read your lovely blog.
Have a great weekend,

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