Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon: Opening Night!

I wanted to wait with posting my thoughts about New Moon last night, as I am 6 hours ahead and didn't want to give any extra deets.

With 14 year-old "Twi-hards" in full effect, I thought I was attending a concert called "Shirtless Teen Idols". (Can't believe this site still exists!)

It was sort of cute how these girls laugh at everything as they are still trying to find their sense of humour. It was like a laugh track, often misplaced, even the most serious of parts got it's share of giggles.

Thank you girls for the true concert experience. The movie was showing in what looked like an original live theater (the old main theater here in Stavanger) - so perfectly gothic and Twilight inspiring.

Personally, I enjoyed Twilight over New Moon, as a more humble approach to the book series. When I first laid eyes on Edward Cullen, it was like wow ... yes. This time it was overplayed, with both Rob and Taylor (ripping off shirt scene), much like Megan Fox in Transformers 2.

You just lose the magic when they spruce up the sexuality with awkward wind-blowing entrances. I am much more reserved. Not saying Robert Pattinson is like that, I think it would be awesome to have a spot of tea and shoot the shizah and mention his Ren & Stimpy comment that no one seemed laugh at or get on the first commentary (had to watch that version because original Twilight was too quiet on my laptop - promise).

Maybe because I read the second book before watching this flick, that my imagination was quite influenced. Although, I loved the dream scene in the beginning, and the vanishing effect on Edward - especially underwater - impressed me.

Some of the book-to-movie scripting were done like George Lucas cheesy Star Wars style, but it at its best it was as good as could be, with loads of good laughs. :D

Would I see it again? Yes, but I think Eclipse will be much better.

Did you like New Moon? More or less than Twilight?


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