Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crazy Cold Canadian Christmas!

Got a Christmas card from my parents this afternoon - all the way from Canada (!) - and it made me proper homesick, and ready for the holidays! Luckily, I bought a new Kari Traa hat and mittens today, so I'm ready for the cold Canadian winter!

Seriously - they're SO warm. I actually found she has FINALLY reopened her webshop at too - so now everybody can enjoy - and buy - her great line of clothes. There's a new collection too, "White Planet", which seems quite interesting.


Cait said...

I love those! So jealous of you!

And you're so cute in it! You pull it off great!

Unknown said...

Awe, thanks Cait!

I am super cold about 110% of the time, so this was great for the all over warmer life experience. You could definitely pull this off as well, as I believe I have seen you in something perhaps similar in the past. :)


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