Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Dream Has Come True! A Pet Otter!

Well, not a dream come true personally, but I feel as if I can live vicariously through this YouTube post, as I have a huge love for otters and actually even adopted one at the Toronto Zoo last year. Unfortunately, I haven't visited my buddy Otis since the adoption, but I shall do so before the year is up.

I came across this house-trained and adorable little otter - called Sidney the Otter. It's like owning a cat and dog in one! :D

She is even wearing a collar! Is it possible? Are they easy to train? I would rescue one in a second if I could!

Enjoy baby Sidney in this video below (minus the cheesy music) ;)


Cait said...

So cute! My gosh!

Unknown said...

I know! Tell my parents that is what I want for my birthday, ok? Miss you and see you very soon! :D


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