Thursday, November 12, 2009

Louis Vuitton City Guide 2010

Louis Vuitton has released a fabulous 2010 city guide box set that I would die to tour all of Europe with. Preferably; travelling in such company wearing a beautiful pair of LV boots (as long as I'm already dreaming)!

The book/box collection consists of 8 major city sets and one super box set of 9 books called "European cities". It makes me not want to open it - just have it out on display, it's that sexy.

This is probably the most expensive city guide you will ever purchase, but it is of a classic design that will look even more beautiful as it ages.

What made me check out Louis Vuitton was the gorgeous boots and shoes this French fashion house has in their 2009 Winter collection. In every magazine I opened (one magazine) - I wanted every pair.

They showcased more of the crazy couture styles I fell in love with, sporting leather frills and oozing sex appeal, a package that I reallllly wanted, but unfortunately couldn't find among all the styles on the website.

Vuitton has a lovely line this winter, I must say. I will probably never own a pair, but if I did - I would put it on display, as they are such wonderful art pieces in themselves.

Perhaps one day! :D


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