Monday, November 9, 2009!

There are a lot of things that I question throughout the day; crazy stories, urban legends and rumours in everyday conversations makes me wonder whether things are true or false.

For instance, how did Santa Claus's red attire come to be (or was he just invented by Coca Cola)? Is there an albino moose roaming Canada? Can strategically placed onions ward off swine flu? can answer all those questions that might come up, even if you don't like the answers. Sometimes it's just fun to browse the sites and realize all the urban myths you thought were true - weren't. I personally love the "random" button - for loads of juicy true stories or myths!

One of my favourite myths is that of James Dean's car - the Porsche Spyder named "Little Bastard". Legend holds, after James Dean crashed it and died in 1955, it was sold for parts - and kept on killing. Make of it what you will.

Another good one is whether the Mexicans used to pee into the Corona beer destined for the US. This was a huge story in the late 80s - and I still hear people mentioning it (and believing it) today! Better get your facts straight!

I like quick tidbits and this site is a go-to in this household when it comes down to debates and whatnot. Try out for fun! (or if you're just plain bored).


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