Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Cat has a Cat Room?

So, this is how my parents treat my cat king Krang while I am out of the country! This guy has quite a spiffy bedroom setup if you ask me. He even snores like my little Kranger! I miss him, but I'll see him soon! :) No idea who made such a room for my cat look-alike, but I am in love with it!


Jay said...

LOL...I always love it when you post about that little guy! He doesn't look very friendly but I'm sure he is. :). I think he should have his own blog.

Unknown said...

Krang is truly the craziest character I have ever brought into my life, for sure! I just found this video that looks very much like him, but of course Krang looks even crazier with his fangs and tongue 99.9% of the time ;) I love him and can't wait to be home and introduce Beatrix and Tobias to him :D


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