Friday, December 17, 2010

Julekalender 15 & 16!

Bah hum bug! I was supposed to to write what I got the last couple of days yesterday, but I got too busy and not to mention crazy tired.

Day 15 was pretty nifty! I received a cool cell phone holder to stick in my cup holder so I can wire my iPhone plug underneath. This way it will flows better and doesn't look so all over the place :)

I also got really cute "Love Message" hair pins! He knows I love those hair accesssories!

Day 16 also told my hubby that I loved everything French. I love Nice, France (click to read my blog post of when I went) and all of its pastels and just everything about it. Paris is pretty, too.

I got this perfect little soap box with 2 triple-milled vegetable based soap bars. I also managed to get this year's Starbucks mug, because again he knows how much I love that damask look to things :)

I've just about wore out my last year's mug as I use it so often going back and forth to my parents house. I can't leave without a green or white tea of sorts. Very good!


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