Saturday, December 4, 2010

Julekalender Day 3 and 4!

Last night was quite busy with a Christmas party with my mother's side of the family. So now I will update you with Day 3 and Day 4!

Yesterday morning I got this cool magnet connector for my Mini, to be mounted in the grill on the front of the car, so it looks a little like this. (left photo)

It's really cool because they have interchangeable badges and he started my collection with none other than Santa himself! I also got a magazine that came with it :) They have a mounting kit where you can put two badges at the back of the car as well (next to the licence plate), which has been ordered now - hopefully it will arrive soon so I can throw this (and other badges) on the back of my car!

This morning I woke up to unwrapping a lovely locket/necklace the hubby found on Etsy from a nice lady from Singapore.  He kept the cute cards that came with it. I also got a couple scratch cards! Woot!

Update: I scratched them and won on It's A Wonderful Life! $3 dollars worth - so back I go to buy another one :)


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