Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Julekalender 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 & 22. So, so behind!

As you may know I was uber sick for the last couple of weeks and it was just getting worse with stomach and pelvic pains since I dislocated my pelvis bone (I'll save that for another day :) Anyways ... I'm quite a bit behind on my updates.

At the start of this photo-taking process, my big camera's battery died, and I had to use the small one!

Day 17 started off with getting some really nice, framed gold damask repurposed pieces from Etsy! This picture doesn't do the these framed photos a justice (used small camera). Very pretty and I can't wait to put them up :)

Day 18 got a little interesting! I received a parasol for Edie's stroller, which I wanted to keep her skin out of the sun, or perhaps a light misty rain. Then I got some really luxurious Diesel underwear! Such an odd combination - but lovely! :D

Day 19 was really cool because I've always wondered how I could keep track of my food before it went bad or perhaps avoid premature throw-outs, as I HATE wasting food! So it was really cool to get these cool food calculators :) Just one press for 5 seconds when you open a new jar and stick it to the lid ... and it will tell you the hours and days since you opened it.

I also got a $25 gift certificate for Amazon and a handmade necklace from a lady at my hubby's old work place that she brought back from Peru!

Day 20 I got another framed thing! This time it was a The Cult album that was framed, as it was the original album where my hubby fell in love with The Cult song "Edie" - so she had a little piece of history of how her name came to be :)

I also got the Röyksopp album "Senior", that I already owned digitally, but not in CD form - which I still find very romantic. I love looking in the cover while listening to the album. Sets the vibe and tone :) Very happy for it! I also got a Bingo card and won! :)

Day 21 was a crrrrazy morning and I was sick for a very long time and didn't get a chance to open my calendar gift until I felt up for it ... and had the energy.

But, I got the Tori Amos "A Piano" collection on 5 cds that I have wanted ever since it came out ... which is probably 5 years ago now, so I was really excited about it! Tori Amos heals the soul!

Day 22 was a little sunny, as I got some really pretty sunglasses from Club Monaco! I tried them on randomly one day at the mall and it seems that the hubby remembered!

I am still a little sick, but this update was sooooo long overdue.


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