Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Julekalender Day 13 and 14! LOVE the Herb-Savor by Prepara!

I can't believe the crazy snowy weather around the area. Hope everyone is safe and warm. I tweeted this earlier today. Watch the video from Fox News!

For Day 13, I was very lucky in getting "Coco Before Chanel" with Audry Tautou as Coco (Amelie, Da Vinci Code). I have been wanting this movie for quite some time - so I am really glad to finally get it! I also got a scratch card and lost again :)

Day 14 was rather interesting! I lost at yet another scratch card (no worries), but I got this really cool herb-savor by Prepara. In the winter, you can't really get the genuine freshness of herbs from your garden, or maybe you can't have a little garden or window garden because you live in an apartment. This amazing saver keeps your leftover herbs fresh and growing while hanging out in the door of your fridge!

Apparently it was featured in O magazine and was featured as on of Oprah's favourite things of 2010! I am pretty sure my hubby didn't know this unless he is a huge closet O fan. I would also be ok with that ;)

I am really excited to try it as I love to buy cilantro - but it goes bad all too quickly by the time I want to use it for another dish ... as the week goes by.  This herb-savor keeps your herbs fresh 3 times longer!  Especially when you are cooking this holiday season - you'll want the freshest ingredients. Super nice when you can't get out on those Uber snowy days! So excited about this!

I checked out the Prepara site, and they have some really amazing designs and innovative things! Honey? You're in trouble ;)

Seriously though - you should check out the Herb-Savor if you are sick of wasting money and want to savor 3x the freshness!


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