Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Julekalender Day 7 and 8!

How about this insane snow, London? Can't believe how much it is snowing yet again in Lambeth! (Oh - and for those of you who don't live around here, check out this article in London Free Press yesterday ... to see what I'm talking about).

Yesterday in my calender I got a cool "Mini parking only" sign to put up in the garage along with 2 scratch cards! I won $10 dollars on one that I will probably put towards more of them :)

Today, I got "The Cider House Rules", because I have never watched it (don't judge me) and this really cute octopus/squid zipper pull from Cry Wolf :)

I just love how he has a little heart under his one eye :)

I also got a new badge for the Mini again. I think Agent Cooper will have more accessories than me soon! ;)


mandiemoon said...

Your car is going to be super fancy! :) I also love your little zipper pull! It's super cute! :D

Unknown said...

Aw, yes! Thank you, Mandiemoon! :D


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