Friday, December 10, 2010

Julekalender Day 9 and 10!

As you may have seen, I received my first Mini shirt on the very first day of the calender. Well, unfortunately I was picking Beatrix up and her back nail put a hole right in my shirt, not to mention the fact that I got tomato sauce all over it after making pasta that same evening!

Well, luck is on my side as I opened up a Mini Cooper shirt on day 9! I have to be extra careful with this one! That material and quality of this is amazing! This is an official top.

Today I got the ultimate thing! 3 personalized stockings from Etsy! The hubby remembered where I was looking one time and went on to make us up some of his creations. Props to him I say! They are so beautiful :)

Of course he couldn't forget little stockings for Beatrix and Tobias! =^..^=


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