Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Big" Night at Once Upon a Teacup with Chris Noth and LOVA Tea!

Tonight I had the wicked opportunity to meet Chris Noth at Once Upon a Teacup here in London, Ontario, while he launched his new splendid line of tea called LOVA tea!

As many of you know, I am a huge tea connoisseur at heart and just a fan of the actor Chris Noth himself - which made for a perfect harmonious night!

We were served some really tasty loose tea flavours or elements, as the LOVA lifestyle states, throughout the night and my favourite was the Pink Shimmer, where 50% of the proceeds of this particular tea goes to support breast cancer research.

I was quite impressed with the variety of teas they offered within each family type of the collection. I am a white and green tea fan, and although I didn't get a chance to try any of those tonight, I am VERY confident I will fall in love with them!

I am in love with the packaging, as it is very clean looking - and it reminds me of the hot chocolate I used to buy in Norway. It will be something I will leave on my counter top - they look that esthetically good!

There will also be a tea that helps the rain forest that will be launched in January. When I hear the good of these teas and what they go towards - they make this already fantastic tea tastes somewhat (if that's even possible) better to me :)

If you are ever in the London area, or Windsor for their other location - check out Once Upon A Teacup, as it is a wondeful place to have a nice lunch or dinner - and a nice hangout to bring your children.

I am really excited to bring Edie when she is old enough to understand, so she can dress up as a princess or whatever her heart desires; meet Disney princesses while I enjoy a calming cup of tea and a Caesar salad.

I should mention Stephanie (sister to Tara Wilson - Chris Noth's Wife), who has been so nice and inviting the couple of times I have met her. Such a good spirit :) (All three of them are so kind!)

I really hope they bring in some gluten-free products! They would see me there everyday! Soon enough, I'm sure :)

On our way out from the launch party, we received some gift bags and it contained a lovely LOVA tea flavour (I got crème brûlée! So pumped!).

It also contained a lovely hand-crafted necklace by "Crystal's Collection" from Chatham area. Crystal pays very good attention to detail and I see myself wearing this piece often!

The bag also contained a flowy tank top by Bobi and from what I am feeling so far it's made out of quite soft and luxurious cotton, proving to be comfortable and chill, yet feminine. I'm liking this against my sensitive skin. So much - I have to creep their site to see what else they offer in their line.

All in all it was a great launch, and I can't wait to grow my tea collection with LOVA tea. You can check out LOVA tea and order online at their e-boutique here. All you tea lovers out there (or should I say tea lova's! Bad jokes, I know) - this is one brand you have to try!


Fonda LaShay said...

so cool! sounds like an awesome launch party!!

hope it makes it over to Norway, those flavors sound amazing!

Unknown said...

Hey Fonda!

I agree that LOVA tea would do really well in Norway!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great tea! I will have to try sometime.
"Big" looked great too,lucky girl!

Unknown said...

The tea is fantastic! You have to try!

Chris Noth is also the face of Biotherm Homme - which I can totally understand because he is aging quite well!


mandiemoon said...

Aw, sounds like you had a great night out! :D Getting gift bags is also a grand time, and it sounds like you got quite the goodies in there too! I'm so glad you got to meet your "Mr. Big". We'll have to go and have a little tea party there one day with the little ones. Hopefully the staff won't mind if I also dress up in the costumes they have for the little ones... ;)

Love ya!!


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