Saturday, September 5, 2009

Berlin Special Report: Art'otel

Right now, I am laying in bed after the longest walk of life, in the coolest hotel ever! It's the Art'otel with Andy Warhol pictures everywhere!

The print by the elevator here appears to be signed - and it was such a fitting picture, considering I had a squashed banana in my luggage when I unpacked :-)

They even have his face in the lights behind me in the picture - and the reception area is filled with prints - even a HUGE version of this face-print covering the one wall :)

This hotel room is the greenest room I have ever witnessed in my life, even hospital rooms don't come close to this, but it is lovely - for sure!

We spent hours below the city today - walking the bunkers and witnessing the tunnels built under the Wall, to let people escape from East to West

... but I'll write more about that tomorrow :)

Elle - on special assignment in Germany ;)


Ina said...

Holy...! We went to Berlin for our honeymoon last year and stayed there! Loooved it.

Unknown said...

That's crazy! It was such a nice hotel! So weird that we happen to stay at the exact same hotel :) You made a wonderful choice!

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