Friday, September 18, 2009

Sandman Signature Hotel!

Time difference with jetlag has taken over my life at the moment and I can't seem to keep my eyes open for the life of me! Right now, I am rocking out and about to pass out at The Signature Sandman Hotel, right by the airport. I wonder if Neil Gaiman ever stayed here?

I love staying at this hotel as they have apples lined up by the elevator every day, whenever you are feeling a little peckish. They also have a Moxie's restaurant attached. Tonight I went out with my brother Endoplasmic and his girl Moxy to "The Keg" for some delish steak. It was a wonderful, belated birthday dinner :D Thank you!

Well, if you ever stay in Toronto I definately suggest staying here at this hotel, as the rooms are extremely spacious with seperate rooms in your suite (which is not too badly priced, at all) - it's like a tiny house! You won't be disappointed!



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