Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gone Coco for a Chanel Guitar!

Besides Chanel having the most beautiful Haute Couture pieces, I am in love with the wonderful quality of makeup and perfumes of this fashion house. But, I wanted to put a little spotlight on the glossy, sexy, black Chanel acoustic guitar with the clean etching of "Chanel" written across the back.

That, I would love to own ... maybe in this lifetime. Even just sporting the carrying case - it is beautiful by itself!

Right now I am rocking a lovely Gibson Songwriter acoustic, but I think this Chanel guitar would be something I would have in some sort of glass cabinet, as I would imagine she wouldn't sound as good as she looks.

Maybe I would play it once if I was privileged enough to play for Coco herself. She is probably rolling in her grave as I type these lines. I wonder what song she would like to hear? Something lovely, classique and French, I'm sure :)

Looking at pictures of her, she seems to have a slight stubborn streak, but I bet she was a big softy at heart. Look at Coco, all bad-ass, sporting that lit cigarette. It sure sets the Parisian ambiance.

I would love to have a glass of Merlot with her over a late lunch, to hear her thoughts on Chanel, her empire, and what it has become - now. She resembles my Gramma, in a way.

Miss that lovely lady :)


mvonlonski said...

Hi Michelle! :)
I also like perfumes by Chanel, but I think that the cosmetics are not to special, especially the eye-shadows are really bad :P
Your blog made me do this- making my own :]

Ha det bra,

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