Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flying? No(r)Way! ...Already?!

This post is in memory of my last post which was written and ready to be posted yesterday, until the dreaded Internet would NOT connect at Pearson (Toronto Airport) for me! Grrr City! I am not going to change my message, but I am sitting and waiting in Heathrow, London, now :)

Original post below;

Well, it was such a short and hectic week here in Canadaland. I enjoyed seeing friends and family for sure :) I did get to indulge in my maple syrup smothered over Canadian bacon/ham combo this week, which is complete comfort food for me.

Now, I am at the Toronto airport, flying over to Heathrow, London - one of my favourite airports to stop in and waste a few hours making Piccadilly circles around the place - visiting all the pretty shops.

Then I’m off to Sola Airport near Stavanger - and a quick ferry to Tau to pick up Beatrix and Tobias, my cats who’ve been at camp for a week ;)

Can’t wait to be home in Canada for Christmas!

However, now it’s back to Norway to watch the highly anticipated Season 2 of “Twin Peaks”. Have YOU met Bob? ;)



Mary Ann, from the Let You In shoot.... said...

Holllla Michelle

Now that I work in a place that blocks facebook, doesn't have flash or any other neccesary plug-ins for internet entertainment....and basically blcoks every site that may provide amusement during the long streches of boredome between menial office tasks....I have become a blog-reader.
I regularily check yours to see if you've written anything new, I can never check out the vids and such that you post, so thats a bummer, but some of your blogs are fun to read anyway. I like today pic of paddington! And I too, like heathrow for stop-overs excellent smooties, and in a restaurant whose name I have forgotten, but its kind of decorated in a cross breed of pirate and english pub style, verrrry deliscious long-bone lambchops. mmmmmm!
Anyway, thanks for keeping me entertained at work....

Unknown said...

Mary Ann!

Of course, I read your message now and I post a blog with zero pictures and two videos!

Well, perhaps you can read what I wrote and then wait for the excitement and watch it proper when you get home! :)

It is so nice to hear from you and it makes me so happy that you are reading :)

I will post some picture goodness tomorrow! :D


Mary Ann said...

Yeah when the lead up to the video is good enough and I remember by the time I get home, I ussually DO go back to the site and watch the videos, and then I scroll my way through to watch the videos i missed.

By the way, I think we might be in the same time zone, or an hour off. I'm in Zürich, Switzerland.

Unknown said...

No way! That is awesome!!! :D
I hope you are loving it up there :)


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