Monday, September 21, 2009

The Circus Hotel: Berlin!

If you ever decide to stay in Berlin, Germany, for a weekend - you need to stay at The Circus Hotel. I must say that the service is above and beyond my expectations and the rooms are quite affordable, considering it is in the center (Mitte) of the city - and a brand new hotel.

We had a 2-floor apartment, seperate from the rest of the building across a magical courtyard (moreso at night). It was such a cosy house to stay in.

The hotel restaurant, so good it is open to the general public, also had a wonderful staff.

They learned about my gluten intolerance the night before and had a table waiting for me by morning.

I heard; "Michelle? We have been expecting you for breakfast" and they had a large tray of English muffins and bread ready for me - even a bowl of gluten-free cereal was provided. Not a bad way to start your day ;)

The circus hotel also rents out Smart Cars and Segways to get around town quickly. We took the S-Bahn and the U-Bahn around town - as it was quite easy and very efficient.

The hotel also had a DVD library of local movies. Of course I grabbed a couple I was already obsessed with, just for the experience :) You need to watch "Goodbye Lenin" and "Run Lola Run" if you haven't already.

I watched the latter movie when I was 12 years old. So good! Both soundtracks are amazing. I watched "Goodbye Lenin" just because all the music was composed by Yann Tiersen, which made this movie even more beautiful.

Back to The Circus Hotel; it was a little weird - because in our room I discovered only 2 pictures on the wall. One of a lady biting another naked lady and a stamp from Canada. Verrrry Interesting, Eh?




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