Sunday, March 14, 2010

3 Epic Videos from the Zoo!

I couldn't post all my little videos, but I had such a wonderful time this weekend. I got to see the animals being fed and I got a cute, free tiger zoo hat!

The most memorable would have to be the lions, as they rolled out a cut-off horse's tail and the lions jumped up to eat it. It reminded me of "The Grudge", but I guess with the horse it would be "The Ring". All the other animals were fed that same horse, as I recall the black fur still on this one bigger piece of raw meat, but I understand this animal was already dead and that this was indeed the wild and what they eat.

It was amazing, and yet I had a hard time eating dinner after that experience. Everything around me was smelling like horse and I couldn't get the image of the tail out of my head. I even had a hard time sleeping!

Other than that, we had a really nice hotel with great food and great company, and I also added 3 videos for your viewing enjoyment of me touching a tarantula and a snake for the first time! I even touched a monkey and a moose!

I am a little scared, but glad I did it! It was exciting and I can add it to my "Animals I have touched" list :D

If you ever come to visit Norway, or if you are in Norway - you should visit the Kristiansand Zoo!



Cait said...

Hahah Michelle, you're so cute when you touch the tarantula! Your giggle is hilarious. Too funny.

Fonda LaShay said...

Love the hat.. you and all those kids match :P

But gosh.. that monkey.. you got to be soo close.. how amazing!

Unknown said...

Hey Cait!

I get such a weird nervous giggle. It's like I can't control myself! You know how I get :)


The little monkey was so close and it was pretty awesome. I am glad he didn't end up sitting on me because he ended up peeing our friends coat in the video! :D Pretty awesome experience though :D


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