Friday, March 19, 2010

Susanne Sundfør Does "The Brothel" and "Turkish Delight" Live!

This girl has a voice of an angel ... I get shivers listening to her perfect pitch. Her style is all over and soulful. I first wrote about Susanne Sundfør a couple of months ago, and I have been keeping up with her ever since.

She was on the local NRK channel and I caught her singing her beautiful song "The Brothel", which is also the title of her new album that was just released this week. This one is a rare diamond and I can't wait to go pick up the album tomorrow morning! (after my apple waffles breakfast of course  ;)

Please take a moment to listen to this first track and I promise you'll want to hear the next one :)

"The Brothel"

and "Turkish Delight"


Sean said...

Delicious voice. Not heard of her before. Thanks for posting about her :)

Unknown said...

She is amazing and so brilliant throughout the album! I highly suggest getting your hands on it! So happy you like her too! :D


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